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Stony Brook University 已開始新學年。eMission World 將繼續全力支持Asian Chinese Campus Ministry, CCF 校園事工。本學年週五,CCF聚會場地,由ACCM支持。求主繼續擴張校園帳幕。

eMission World的Executive Director & Board Director 繼續義務支持在Charlotte, NC拓荒,牧養New Life Chinese Christian Church.

eMission World的Executive Director繼續義務支持在Charlotte, NC,並在Raleigh/Durham, NC的China Evangelical Seminary North America 神學教育遠距事工。Dr. Lin 目前義務mentoring 17位碩士班學員;並在Charlotte有大班延伸制學員參加。

eMission World的Executive Director將繼續替Dr. David Jeremiah 翻譯講章系列,交給台灣遠東廣播公司(Taiwan-FEBC),對中國廣播。

eMission World多年努力在北京開辦的 “恩典精神科診所”已以社會關懷慈善事工,開始門診;並服事當地國際國語教會 (Beijing International Mandarin Church)。

eMission World將義務的與北京 “CEO論壇中國” (CEO Forum China)就「門徒企業家培訓」合作。

Latest News

The 2015 Fall Semester at Stony Brook University has started. We are actively sponsoring the Asian Chinese Campus Ministry (ACCM) and the CCF activities. Please check the following website for updates:

Our Executive Director is pastoring a mission church -- the New Life Chinese Christian Church in Kannapolis, North Carolina, as a volunteer.

Dr. Lin, is currently conducting seminary master’s classes for the China Evangelical Seminary North America in Raleigh/Durham area, and extension seminary classes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Lin is currently mentoring 17 master’s candidates in master program, as a volunteer.

Dr. Lin, is currently working on translating Dr. David Jeremiah’s sermons (Series: What Are You Afraid Of?) for the Far East Broadcasting Company in Taiwan, for broadcasting into China, as a volunteer

Through many years of planning and networking by our Executive Director and Board Director at Large, the “Grace Mental Health Clinic” is officially opened in Beijing serving the public as a charity organization. Both also serve as guest speakers at the Beijing International Mandarin Church as volunteers.

eMission World is partnering with the CEO Forum China for discipleship training for entrepreneurs, as volunteer.